California Marketing can design or update your website to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from this important marketing tool.

Website Development :

Website Development

Over 83% of potential clients will visit your website at least once before making a decision to do business with you. A professional, attractive and easy-to-navigate website is essential for your company to succeed. We can design a website for your company from scratch or we can update your existing website in order to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from this powerful internet marketing tool.

We can also add effective tools to your website that will help you increase online sales and lead acquisition. Here are some of the tools California Marketing can put to work for you on your website:

Live chat service

When someone enters a traditional store or business, they may know exactly what they are looking for and just need to be pointed in the right direction. Other times they are unsure of how your company's product or services could benefit them. Either way, if they are approached by a friendly associate who asks if they can help, the potential of turning that person into a customer is greatly improved. Imagine having the ability to ask a visitor on your website, "May I help you?" California Marketing can add a tool to your website that allows you to initiate a chat session instantly with a visitor! Our satisfied customers have said this simple tool increased their website sales and lead generation significantly. Plus, this tool is extremely affordable and easy to manage and use.


Click-to-Call is a feature that lets people visiting your website click on an icon or link that will connect them with your business over the phone for free. Here's how it works: a website visitor clicks a phone icon or link that says "Click here to call us!" They are then connected to your business immediately. This feature helps reduce website abandonment and improves online sales and lead generation. And, of course, its affordable and easy to manage and use.

Spokesman Marketing

Spokesman marketing utilizes the latest in streaming video technology to increase your sales, enhance your image and help you stand out from the crowd. It does this by having a real person walk onto your website (either someone from your business or a professional actor) who then begins talking to your potential client. This person can give an overview of your company, dispense vital information about your product, or point out features on your website.

Spokesman marketing is a new and powerful way to motivate your customers to take action. Many of our clients experience an increase in business in just 2 weeks! And best of all, this technology is easy to implement and extremely cost effective!

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